So, today I had an appointment with my massage therapist. I’ve been doing this once a month for the past few years now. Our bond has grown over the last 1 1/2 years since Cassie transitioned, and she has helped me heal physically and spiritually on a much deeper level. Today I received chakra, reiki, stone, and guided meditation healing, along with my massage. It was wonderful!

She is also the person that suggested I take the picture of Cassie’s self-portrait (visit the shop page tab to see the self-portrait greeting card) and let her create a greeting card. Then she would sell this in her massage studio, and the proceeds would go towards a cause that Cassie was passionate about.

This was actually the beginning of Cassie’s Cause! So, 19 blank greeting cards later, and becoming a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation, here we are!

Back to today…so…I walk in for my massage, and my therapist gifts me with this beautiful tote bag (see pictures below). Since Cassie left, and in all my humanness, it has sometimes been difficult for me to be grateful. Surviving the loss of your precious child, who took their own life, can be very difficult to live with each day.

But, today, I found gratefulness. I am so grateful…for my massage therapist’s friendship, for her love, for her encouragement, and for her continued support. What a beautiful gift! Many tears were shed.

Maybe you will be seeing tote bags with Cassie’s beautiful artwork displayed on them at some point in the future! The ideas are endless!

Cassie’s Cause is evolving each day…and honestly, I am not completely sure where it will go. The more funding received, the more impact can be made. What I am sure of, however, is that Cassie’s Spirit is so alive! Cassie is so very present! Cassie is the driving force here, and it is Cassie who will eradicate the stigmas associated with mental illness and suicide!

It is also Cassie’s Spirit that will give me, her mom, the strength to grow the “Cause” and promote the ripple effect necessary to bring change and seek avenues to provide necessary education and funding needed to support mental health issues!

I cannot do this alone!

If any of this touches your heart, and if you are in some way affected by mental illness and/or suicide and witness the effects of these stigmas, then please support Cassie’s Cause and give generously.

At the same time, you can also help keep Cassie’s Spirit alive by purchasing these beautiful blank greeting cards and share them with your family and friends.

Please help grow the “Cause”…and for this, I am forever grateful.

Thank you!